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The 'Fellas

Rev. Billy Rockafella - guitars/vocals

The Rev. Billy Rockafella is a native Texan and ordained minister who has performed professionally since age 15. Performing shows locally, throughout Texas and overseas, The Rev. has lived Rock and Roll since way back in the day (his day, not yours – unless of course it’s the same day). He enjoys driving too fast, grilling, and shouting profanities at his television whilst chugging beer. People often tell him to shut-up... but he has yet to actually do so.

Bobby "Real Deal" Rockafella - drums/vocals

Bobby Rockafella hails from the great white north, laying stages to rest in the various bands in Dayton, Ohio for the past 20 years. After relocating to Texas, he finally found a home with The Rockafellas. His interests include, punk rock, puppy dogs, pizza and beer. He is fighting a cymbal addiction and is losing... badly.

Sir Edward Rockafella - guitars/vocals

Sir Edward Rockafella has been rockin' the stages of Dallas for over 20 years playing in original and cover bands. He's a true Virgo, only plays black or white guitars and is accused regularly of borderline obsessive compulsive disorder. He's willing to accept any music trivia challenge, loves animals, would strongly consider committing a felony for good Tex Mex or if you rearrange anything that he has taken the time to carefully organize.

JM "Fingers" Rockafella - bass

JM "Fingers" Rockafella has played decades of rock n roll in venues throughout his home town of Dallas and the Great Southwest. This includes times of glorious service with Rev. Billy back in the day (his day). He is a long time acquaintance of Sir Edward, now joining forces to reestablish the Rock n Roll Kingdom. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, his cherished classic Fender Precision and any opportunity to rearrange some well organized Tex Mex.

Steve Rockafella, Esq. - vocals

Steve Rockafella, Esq. is one of those Connecticut yankee transplants that's been in DFW for over 30 years. Even though he has zero knowledge of music other than liking how it sounds, he's managed to convince three bands into letting him front their ensembles. Steve loves his metal, his Cubs and sugary foods. He often tells Rev to shut up but he never does.

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